Friday, July 16, 2010

NEW ORLEANS or BUST! 4 guys. 5 days. 1 game. 2,238 miles. Advertise/sponsor our trip!

Four friends from Minnesota are about to take a road trip of a lifetime. Brolson, B$, Despins and Kerk Baby are road tripping from Minnesota to New Orleans for the Vikings/Saints NFL home opener game on Thursday, Sept. 9. That’s 2,238 miles to watch 60 minutes of football. We are leaving at Wednesday, Sept. 8th and returning Sunday, Sept. 12th.

Looks like tickets are near $200/piece. We would like to offer the following, unique, cost-effective marketing/advertising sponsorship opportunity for your product or business to help us offset some of the cost of the trip – the tickets. Help us sponsor our trip and make it to New Orleans with the PTO and money that we don’t have.

Benefits of your Sponsorship:
1. Signage on our vehicle of choice (2009 Jeep Patriot – tan in color). Plaster our vehicle with your message. Utilize the windows, bumpers, heck, put something on the antenna. As long as the message is appropriate, legal and doesn’t harm the vehicle, it’s fair game. That’s 2,238-plus miles and near 40 hours of your message being exposed to the public in 7 states – Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi and Louisiana.

2. We will wear your message. You provide us with hats, we will wear them pretty much the entire trip. Not to mention the ridiculous amount of photos that will be taken on our trip to the dirty south. Every stop we make, every Saints fan we annoy, and the thousands partying with us all weekend on Bourbon Street will be exposed!

3. We plan on blogging/tweeting the trip like you wouldn’t believe. We will share every step of our trip with friends, family and whoever else tunes in. Your logo/message will be placed on our blog/twitter for the trip.

4. Media coverage. If we can sell this sponsorship, we will do our best to pitch the local and state media about our trip. Who knows, maybe a local newspaper or TV station catches on and looks to us for updates on our trip. You never know. We are all college-educated, young professionals from Rochester, Minn. We could handle it.

5. Souvenirs! We will stop at least once in every state and buy you a souvenir with a value of at least $2.99. How sweet is that?

6. Knowing you did a good thing for good people. This is most likely the last time we will be able to make any sort of trip of this magnitude. We are in our late 20’s/early 30’s. We are settling down, having kids, work full-time, etc. This is some of our last hoorahs!

7. Other. We are open for other suggestions as well and will answer any questions you may have. We will also be readily available now through the end of the trip to work with you in order to give you the best bang for your buck.
What We are Looking For
$800. That's it. Enough for each of us to buy a nosebleed ticket. Gas, hotel, souvenirs, bail money, food, etc. is on us. You can't beat $800 for what you get. Contact us today or bid on ebay to secure your sponsorship! Our ebay link:

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