Saturday, September 11, 2010

2300 miles and the boys are home!

Let's do it again!  An epic trip comes to a close but the brotherhood and memories will last. Next year to !?


We just got home. Not in iowa.


No. Not raining. Bugs.

2000 miles

Our normal blogger is sweepy....2k miles and iowa it is

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And we're...

Running from Memphis. Running from Arkansas.

Photo Album of The far.

We are in Sikeston, MO working our way home. At least going to make an attempt to make it to Iowa City. Word on the street is the Cyclones of Iowa State are taking on the Iowa Hawkeyes. Can't beat that in the state of Iowa.

Until then, feel free to check out our photos of the trip up to this point. It's a Facebook album so there may be some privacy issues. If you can't view the pics, we apologize! Here they are:


A nice ride.


Wal mart hay bales.

R u serious

40 dollars for tour and parking. I don't think so.


Excitement builds

Local flavor

Biscuits and gravy family style.

Morning Memphis

Friday, September 10, 2010

The big muddy

As we travel back up the Mississippi River corridor a few observations need to be made. Of course these are subjective but feel they need to be stated. The first observation has been our theme: the people on the river are happy to give.  Next is this the new melting pot. From itasca to new orleans we we don't fight mosques or burn sacred religious texts.  Dancing. Music. Food and fellowship is what we have seen.   

Memphis flash mob

Local flavor

This trip we have one rule. No flippin chains. From roadside bbq. Broiled alligator. Catfish bites. Deep fried pickles. Crawfish. Gumbo. Cajun flamed shrimp. And even an exxon roller dog.

BB King's

At the hot spot for the night and talked our way into a great table. Ha. Let's go Memphis.

Beale st, memphis

Three best friends that anyone could have

What does Tyler dream of when he takes a little Tyler snooze. Does he dream of petting zebras or a little captain morgan too. Don't you worry your little tyler head. We're going to get you back to tanya and your cozy tyler bed.

HS foooosball

Omg. Mississippi hs football on the radio is excellent entertainment.  Ps. They can't add.

Next year

since every rest stop from nola to memphis is closed for reconstruction. This trip next year will have some pretty sweet rest areas.

5am escalator

Kerk on a mission

Brolson and I are petrified at the speed of traffic on I-55.  Kerk decided to join the pack to make sure we get to Memphis. Must maximize fun.


Brolson netbooked us a schweeet hotel downtown memphis for only 89.  Delta music fest going on. Sounds like memphis is all party tonight.

Live interview with Rachel Wick from KTTC from the Superdome

Canal street

Leaving the french quarter to head to the lower ninth ward to see the devastation still remaining. What a sight to see. New Orleans is not back on its feet.  Stay classy nola.


Crossing lake pontchartrain.  Yeah

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Well we lost. But we still are going out. The people on the river are happy to give.

We are here

Our view. And ps. In minnesota we say: Who is that.  Education pays.


Charity hospital.

Google it or wiki it. Closed. But ready to open thanks to a large medical center in minnesota. Politics got in the way. Sad

New Orleans finest

Great guys. Been telling us all about the city


We four boys are soooo popular. Pics. Free drinks. Free hugs and high fives. And lots of love from the saints fans.

N.O. On holiday

Public schools are closed and many businesses have decided to close as well.


Holla the NFL kickoff party in french quarter is one huge free concert. Dave Matthews Band and more.


Brolson on the news! Skol Vikings!
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Vikings pride in the French Quarter.

1 hour behind sched

We are getting delayed from all the action, people, and Saints fans that want to make friends.  Also a retreat to the casino for a/c.


No matter what the outcome of the game is. "The people on the river are happy to give.". Nawlins is rolling out the carpet for the vikes.

NFL Kickoff

The city is already one big party. Stages of music. Roads are closed and full of people and lots of vikings.

Epic night

Up at 921 and rolling on the streets of big easy.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010



For the creole seafood luver in u


Thank you Tatijana for the free upgrade, nachos and coronas for Brolson's bday!

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First stop

Hotel bar


Live from I-55 is back shortly

Check out streaming vid from the Jeep.


Starbucks and beef jerkey. Yum

1000 miles

Brookhaven Miss

Last stretch...

Brolson and b!$ are in charge again and well we are just that good. Ha. Ty ty and kerk baby are snoozing in the back. They will be refreshed for Nawwwwlinz. The Jackson Miss stop was interesting trying to find a starbucks and kerky needed to work. It is 96 with 1000% humidity.

Lunch ticket

Real bbq in mississippi

The smells in the parking lot were awesome.  Sooooo good


Wal mart stop. Stay tuned.


Kerk steering the ship over the mississippi into the tip of tennessee. Jamming out to r-e-s-p-e-c-t. Memphis was pretty nasty. 6 hours away fm nawrlins!
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Ok the locusts are attacking us in this town. Also I need to know the difference between bologna and lunchmeat sandwiches.


Despins, even with the insane amount of technology available in the jeep, has resorted to the paperback atlas to scout out his next urination station. Someone will have to hold it. We still have a 1/4 tank of 87. Location: 30 miles or so north of memphis, tn somewhere in arkansas. Cruising along!
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In search of a wal-mart for some good people watching and photo ops. We will be sure to upload them as well. In back seat news brolson is hitting up the chat roulette.

Despins lied

Brolson and I are awake. In arkansas.

Just passed cooter missouri...surprisingly smooth

Just passed cooter missouri...surprisingly smooth

Bday boy brolson after a tiny nap...we r partying

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Tyler here this is our navigator...we might be lost...fml

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Rumble strips

Our rule is if the driver goes over rumble strips 3 times, his shift is done-zo. Kerk is at 2 less than 15 miles into his shift. Brolson hit 2 in 490 miles. Hitting rumble strips after eating mcdonalds breakfast makes the food travel through you much faster.
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Brolson and B!$ do a much better job with radio operation.

The great packing job

South of st louie. Brolson needs to go

Well 8 hrs later...

Brolson and B!$ are no longer driving.  After some 530 am football, gas and mc dons we are on the road again.


Through st. Louie. 


State number three is the "show me state."  Just wait until we get done showing Missouri what's up.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Oh oh

The Brians are in charge. Kerk and Tyler are sleeping.

Brolson's bday stop in Hiawatha at Sammy's

Birthday Boi

Brolson is 27 today. Stopping in Hiawatha, Ia for a cocktail in 5 miles.


I 380 with 4 non blondes.

Our own road

Dunkerton Ia is how smart Minnesotans bypass Waterloo.  Yeah!

Useful knowledge about the team. Entry 1

Burp tennis matches and brolson can burp the alphabet


Shut your legs.  You stink

All smiles at the start of the trip

0 miles