Wednesday, August 18, 2010

#4 is Back / One heck of a Twins game!

Yesterday couldn't have been a better day. Not only did the four of us make it up to Target Field to one of the most exciting Twins games of the year with the Fuel Rochester young professionals group, but minutes before our bus left, #4 landed in Minnesota on his private jet.

Thank god we bought tickets when we did, because prices are starting to go up (didn't think it was possible) on sites such as Ticket Master and Stub Hub.

Let the countdown begin! 20 days until we hit the road!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Update: Hotel Booked. Tickets Purchased. Ebay Auction Failed.

It wasn't a surprise to us that nobody wanted to sponsor our trip to New Orleans. We did it all in fun and accomplished what we set out for - a good laugh. However, once the auction ended, we needed to crack down and get to work.

Of course, with four guys planning a trip, things take a while to get done. But I think we did pretty good as our hotel is booked (at least for our New Orleans portion of the trip) and tickets are purchased.

The Hotel
We got a heck of a rate at a 4-star hotel right along the river in the French Quarter - the Hilton New Orleans Riverside. For only $69/night, split by four guys, you can't go wrong. Our goal when we arrive is to sweet talk an upgrade, or attempt to avoid the $32/day parking fee. That's where they get you. B$ isn't happy with the 250 threat count sheets advertised, but is thrilled for the on-site Starbucks. His plan is to have Macy's ship some 100% Egyptian cloth, high thread count or what not sheets to the hotel. All talk, for sure. Either way, the hotel looks nice and the location is great. Just less than a mile from the Superdome and 2 blocks from Bourbon Street, and in the heart of the French Quarter. Shack Up Inn on the way home anyone?

The Tickets
All we have to say is WOW - ridiculous how much tickets are going for for a regular season NFL football game. Yeah, it's an NFL Championship re-match, features last year's Super Bowl champs and is the first game of the 2010 NFL season, not to mention it's on national TV, but WOW. We won't share how much our tickets were, but if you are entertained by our blog posts that we plan on updating throughout the trip, we wouldn't mind if you buy us a drink or two when we get home:) Basically, the tickets were expensive, and we are in the nose bleeds, but we all agree, it will be worth it. Hopefully #4 is on the field on 9/9 when the Vikings step foot in the Superdome.